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SharePoint Backup and Recovery Talk

Local SharePoint User Group had their meeting at KL Sentral’s MDEC CyberCenter this Wednesday. This was a joined effort from MDEC, Microsoft, Enovade and SPUG to make the event a success.

Theme of the meeting was about SharePoint backup and recovery strategies. 1st session speaker is Chloe Chua from Enovade to presented a strategy and plan for SharePoint’s disaster recovery followed by Dr Jiang (COO of Avepoint) who shared on how to bring the DR strategy further by using tools from Avepoint.

More than 30 attendees came and the overall (regular Microsoft style) rating such as effectiveness of speakers and relevance of topics are around 7.5.

Thanks for Enovade for the sponsorship of snacks, Microsoft for providing marketing and logistic support and MDEC for allowing SPUG to use their venue.

Below are some photos from the event

4190_104972939809_591299809_2712858_7142240_n   4190_104972929809_591299809_2712857_3728057_n  
Almost full house with more than 30 turnouts   Tianyi Jiang, COO Avepoint  
4190_104972464809_591299809_2712851_5229181_n   4190_104972469809_591299809_2712852_7764689_n  
Chloe Chua from Enovade   SPUG co-founder Matthew Khaw  


Rahimah from Microsoft Innovation Center now live


Just to announce that Malaysia SharePoint User Group (MySpug) has our own URL and website hosted by Office Live at 

Look forward for more features inside Office Live to enhance the feature while at the same time I got to plan how to consolidate the websites in Facebook and ISPA into

Unable to deploy ClickOnce VSTO apps on Windows 7 RC

When you try to install a ClickOnce VSTO application you got the follow error saying your .NET Framework version is not correct (however Windows 7 ships with .NET 3.5 SP1)

Untitled picture2

Thanks to a blog post from the VSTO product team, I realize that Windows 7 RC left our a file in C:\Program Files\Reference Assemblies\Microsoft\Framework\v3.5\RedistList


When I start up my Windows 2008 VPC, I see there is a FrameworkList.xml file inside


So I copy it out from my VPC, then I restart Visual Studio (it is not mentioned in the blog) and republish the VSTO app. The installer is now working!

Untitled picture

MOSS license becomes eval after installing MOSS SP2?

A lot of complains gone out in the web pass week after MOSS SP2 was released. For a number of customers, after they installed the service pack they notice the server license becomes a trial license and will expire in 180 days. You can check it out by going to Central Admin site and look out for Upgrade and Migration section, look for an option called Convert Licence Type. If you are impacted, you will see a the word Office SharePoint License Trial


There is nothing much to panic according the the knowledge base article 971620 here as this ‘bug’ in SP2 does not corrupt your data, nor does it impact your MOSS functionalities (unless you don’t enter the license number after 180 days). What you need to do is just to reenter the license number


Virtual PC – Guest VM slower when color quality is not the same as host

This is something I notice because I got a VPC built by a friend that seems to be slow even with Hardware Virtualization enabled. Then I check out he display setting properties and realize the color quality has been set to 16bit while my host machine is running at 32bit.

I feel like things are faster now after setting the color quality to 32bit on the guest VM.

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