A 7 part tutorial on project Orchard based on the latest change set


Over the weekend I created a tutorial to create a module inside project Orchard. I referred to the original walkthrough found inside project Orchard’s website. The original walkthrough was created for the March 2010 release of project orchard and I have modified the codes and steps so that it will work with the latest change set.

Below is the Table of Content

What is project Orchard and a Hello World sample

Hooking into Admin panel

Working with Data

Orchard Content Type

Attaching a part to content type

Composing view using different content parts

Finishing touch on the front end listing and shopping cart

For the complete project source code, download from my Windows Live SkyDrive here.



It is best if you check out the Mar 2010 build and the original tutorial as well for more info on Orchard.



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