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Procedure or function expects parameter ‘@something’, which was not supplied.

Where in actually fact I have already insert the parameter into my SQLCommand object. In the end I realize, the problem is not caused by the parameter but the SQLCommand.CommandType; which I had left out. Caused me 1 hour of unproductive time to look for this.

Other common cause which I found online is the use of null value for paramters (especially OUTPUT parameters), you should actually use DBNull.Value.

Cryptic WCF service not found error

When your WCF service returns you the error “The type ‘MyNamespace.MyService’, provided as the Service attribute value in the ServiceHost directive, or provided in the configuration element system.serviceModel/serviceHostingEnvironment/serviceActivations could not be found.” The common culprit will inside the .svc file, you just double check the Code behind file or DLL are deployed in the bin folder. But one rarely known cause is that your WCF service can’t be activated due to missing dependency, which in my case today I realize I didn’t deploy the Sync Framework. So beware, WCF errors can be quite cryptic sometimes.

SQL Azure “Data Explorer” announced

The SQL Azure team has announced that they are going to introduce a new feature for SQL Azure code named “Data Explorer” (code name should be named after animals and food!). From the product team’s blog, Data Explorer” is a new concept which provides an innovative way to gain new insights from the data you care about. And the data you care about need not to be SQL Azure or SQL Server, they can be in any form such as Excel, file (unstructured) and Windows Azure Marketplace (list based)

My complain of traditional data analytics tools such as SQL Server Analysis Services is the lack of integration with external data source to provide more information about your data. So with “Data Explorer”, you can then discover additional data which you may need, as new datasets and data services from the Windows Azure Marketplace are automatically recommended for you

“Data Explorer” is not yet available yet but you can sign up for preview here.

For screenshots and detail explanations, check out the official blog

3rd Party DLL references missing after rebuild?

In Visual Studio 2010, target framework for console, Windows services, and WinForm app is .NET Framework 4.0 Client Profile. When you try to add DLLs such as the famous log4net, you will find VS complains about missing references where you have already added log4net.dll. The problem lies with DLL such as log4net requires the full .NET Framework. So solve this just change the target framework.


Awesome latest generation 4 data centre for Microsoft’s cloud services

Microsoft don’t active talk about their datacentres especially what they have running inside. Even the team managing the centres known as Microsoft Global Foundation Services (but they have their own website!) doesn’t get much limelight for themself. But today I found out Dave Aiken has a blog post with a couple of videos on what is powering our Windows Azure instances.

Below is a video showing the inside of datacentres running not just Windows Azure but also the more familiar Windows Live (aka Hotmail), Office 365 and XBox Live. Also shown the Dublin datacentre running latest Generation 4 modular datacentre.


Grab more videos here

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