Missing Microsoft.Web.Infrastructure

Products such as RavenDB which includes an option to deploy it as a IIS web service, however it has dependency on non core .NET Framework assemblies such as in my case Microsoft.Web.Infrastructure.

If you do a clean install of IIS on Windows Server and try to deploy RavenDB, you will encounter a Microsoft.Web.Infrastructure.dll not found error.

To fix this just download the Web Platform Installer (http://microsoft.com/web) on your Windows Server and install the ASP.NET Web Pages component on your Windows Server


Entity Framework Code First Migrations Beta 1 released

Got the news that the migration tool has been updated 5 days ago by the ADO.NET team.

You can get the package from NuGet using the command Install-Package EntityFramework.Migrations or Update-Package EntityFramework.Migrations if you have Alpha 3 installed. Going forward the migration tool will be RTM’ed as part of Entity Framework 4.3.

For someone coming from Alpha, I see a few changes

1. Settings.cs inside Migration folder has been replaced with Configuration.cs. You have to delete the old Settings.ca file

2. ChangeColumn API is now called AlterColumn