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Like my WordPress theme?

The WordPress theme used in my blog was taken from Joe McBride’s blog but offhand I couldn’t find the zip package.

So if you are interested, please download mine and modify the sidebar.php accordingly with your profile info.

Missing Microsoft.Web.Infrastructure

Products such as RavenDB which includes an option to deploy it as a IIS web service, however it has dependency on non core .NET Framework assemblies such as in my case Microsoft.Web.Infrastructure.

If you do a clean install of IIS on Windows Server and try to deploy RavenDB, you will encounter a Microsoft.Web.Infrastructure.dll not found error.

To fix this just download the Web Platform Installer ( on your Windows Server and install the ASP.NET Web Pages component on your Windows Server


Entity Framework Code First Migrations Beta 1 released

Got the news that the migration tool has been updated 5 days ago by the ADO.NET team.

You can get the package from NuGet using the command Install-Package EntityFramework.Migrations or Update-Package EntityFramework.Migrations if you have Alpha 3 installed. Going forward the migration tool will be RTM’ed as part of Entity Framework 4.3.

For someone coming from Alpha, I see a few changes

1. Settings.cs inside Migration folder has been replaced with Configuration.cs. You have to delete the old file

2. ChangeColumn API is now called AlterColumn