Opinion on hackathons in Malaysia

The Star columnist Gabey Goh asked me recently about my opinion on hackathon scene in the country. I gave her some feedback and they were published on the Star paper here.

Patrick Yong, a tech entrepreneur and “Microsoft Most Valuable Professional” award winner also believes hackathons hold value, having organised a couple.

“I think it is more than just fun and each hackathon has its own agenda. The audience is a mix of entrepreneurs, students and some tech gods. What I have seen so far, it is a good networking venue for whatever agenda you have.

“I notice however, that the depth or quality of the work we see at local hackathons varies. We’ve see some very good products, to mostly just university-type projects that have no value. Nevertheless it gives newbies an experience.

“So it’s not the question of too many hackathons — in Malaysia we don’t see too many new faces. If over a year, you went to four or five, you may have met most of the attendees,” he added.

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