Notes from SharePoint 2013 Ignite training Day 4

Disclaimer: While this training in conducted by services folks from Microsoft Corp, notes here include my own understanding and gut feel. Some observations here do not apply when SharePoint 2013 RTMs later.

New SP group created Dev_Ignite2013


Office Services


Lab VM running 15.0.4128.1014

Both lab and my own built VM cannot start Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 NGEN v4.0.XXXX services but the SP startup scripts will try to start this


bigbet to register a singapore address


Excel Services

Now you have Excel Form

Excel everywhere (its like OLE but works on web page)

Javascript API on your Excel sheets!!



Word Automation Services

CSOM access to Word Automation Services

Can convert to other format PDF and XPS

Still no access to protected Word files

Still does not run on hosted model (Only as Farm solution)


PowerPoint Automation Services (New)

Same model as Word

Source from PPT and PPTX

Convert to PPTX, PDF, XPS, JPG, PNG


Deck of multiple slides when converted to JPG and PNG will be separate files


Translation Services

Cloud based solution using Bing

Also based on WAS programming model

Can translate sites and documents


Note: No extensibility point to use other translation engine


At the moment its cost free for Bing translation but Product Manager to confirm later




Skydrive Pro is a new name of SharePoint Workspaces

Community is a new feature in SP2013


MySite broken into Newsfeed, Sites and SkyDrive

One can do microblogging now


My Task gives you unified view of task from various SP sites and Exchange


But SP and Exchange still have their own task silo

So the Windows Phone still don’t automatically shows alert on SP tasks


The Social services make heavy use of App Fabric Cache

Work Management Service Application will goes around pull task


Yammer the cloud enterprise social site, acquired by Microsoft

SP2013 does not have integration with Yammer yet

Yammer does have web part for SP2010

Yammer has a rich set of JS API, there are demos later on how to integrate SP2013 Communities with Yammer Groups

However Yammer may remain a on the cloud service


Still there is no Pool and Quiz web part


There is no pure gamification in SP2013 yet


Community is a new Site Template


Badges and reputations exist in Communities


Social and gamification works like ring fence certain pieces of information and apply. It is not site wide.


For lab file use MsOnlineClaimsHelper for O365 ??


For Social, things like profanities filtering and site wide point system are TBD




Now can stored geo code info in a new Location Field, but this has to be done via custom scenario with coding

Actually its more about Windows Phone/ Windows 8 at the lab

Think of Windows Azure Mobile Service


Supports FBA, O365, Basic authentication

Cross firewall to be done via UAG or Alternative Access Mapping


Will Reporting Service 2012 supports FBA? I think only supports claim based but not FBA


For the lab VS2012 does not allow Mobile Dev in Windows Server


Push Notification can register Windows Phone but cross fingers for Windows 8 also


To activate go to Site Features –> Push Notifications Support & Push Notifications


Uses Bing Map in the phone


Napa Office 365 Development Tool


Available on Office 365 Preview

Runs only in Developer Site Collection


Still in Beta, if you click Create and nothing happens go out and do again


Semi Intellisense is here, for HTML and Javascript

Error highlighting is here already

Documentation is available

There is hover over explanation

Debugging not there yet, but its a planned feature

Napa projects can be opened in Visual Studio without download locally

From VS, source code available for TFS Preview on the cloud


Supports IE 9 above but also will work on other browsers. I assume its HTML5 based




How easy to change the SharePoint theme?

You can drag wallpaper onto the site

Change the colour scheme and font

So we need to find out more

1. Can we add new Site Layout and Font?

2. How to change to more complex theme?



Apps for Office

Build on Web Extensibility Framework, allows HTML and JS developers to build Office plugin

Ends up one can target Office Web Apps as well

On desktop mode, it allows Office to host the web page code via the IE Trident engine and let the code access the document

Less feature than VSTO i.e. you can’t play with the chrome

Some Javascript functionalities are turned off, i.e. alerts can’t run


Can run on Office store and also on private folder share

This is known as Agave in beta


No drag and drop eventing for now


The HTML app is actually a remote web app as its a ASP.NET website

You can’t do cross domain call… unless via json proxy


Manifest file loaded into registry

CurrentUser -> Microsoft -> office -> 15 -> Wef


People now install apps now based on reviews… people used to choose based on system requirements


Can be install via Exchange App Catalog but its more of a push model, Admin install Exchange App and its visible to users


Do we have a offline mode?


Admin can disable Office Store with GPO


Check out telemetry services for Office

You can find out the type of Office and Office Apps in the enterprise


SharePoint can be an App Catalog


When an app is added to a document, the bread crumb will change and become a GUID


Does not work for protected document at the moment











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