Book Review : iOS Development with Xamarin Cookbook

Xamarin is getting a lot of attention and especially for a .NET developers, I have to take a look at it. Xamarin offers you to write your iOS and Android apps in C# and inside Visual Studio at the same time. However for iOS you still need Xamarin Studio in MacOS X to debug and deploy.

The key problems in widespread adoption of Xamarin are firstly the cost (which might be prohibiting for startups) and also the lack of training resources. Xamarin does offers online training via Xamarin University but again USD1,299 is too high for small customers. There are few books on the market and recently I managed to check out a new book on developing iOS app using Xamarin. The book, called “iOS Development with Xamarin Cookbook” obviously tells you that this is written in cookbook format where topics are broken into individual solution with little relationship with other parts of the book. This makes is easier for users to reuse the sample cook inside their projects.

However if you are a newbie to the world of Xamarin, do not be discouraged by the format because it contains a getting start recipe at the beginning of the book to get you ramped up quickly.

There are a few recipes which I appreciate a lot at the chapter on Graphics & Animation and also Advance Features because I have immediately needs on them. I believe in near feature as I spend more time on Xamarin, I will find the other chapters give me just as much value.

On rating of this book I gave it a 4 out of 5, and the only reason is Xamarin 3 just came out with a new project template. Xamarin 3 now uses storyboard as default design interface instead of using xib. However you can still make the sample code works by adding the xib manually.

Problem when transfer my domain to GoDaddy

When you transfer your domain to another registrar, remember to disable all addon services that comes with it at the losing registrar. What happened when I tried to transfer a domain over to GoDaddy today, GoDaddy would send a transfer request to the email registered under the domain to initiate the transfer. However my ID Protection was left turned on so what GoDaddy can see is an email address link to

transfer wrong

Without the transfer ID sent to my email address, I can’t do anything for the whole day. After playing around and checking with my existing registrar, I finally figured out that besides disabling the Registrar Lock feature, the next item to take out is ID Protection.

So now my domain transfer is underway.

Convert HTML to PDF

I have been depending on an open source component known as wkhtml2pdf that is based on the Webkit rendering engine (used by both Chrome and Safari) to convert webpage programmatically to PDF file. However this component has a problem of convert PNG and JPG files properly.

Since the problem has persisted for over a year, I decided to look out for new component with the requirement that is must run on Windows and open source. At last I found out and will be trying out this one. It is not an exe like wkhtml2pdf as it is written in PHP, but at the moment I will try hack it so it may work with my ASP.NET based website.

Domain migration for SharePoint

Due to merging exercises, my customer needed to change their domain from to As such all services that depends on Active Directory will be impacted including Exchange, Lync and SharePoint.

There is no clear cut way documented anywhere by Microsoft on how to do this, and this is not a “turn the switch” exercise. This requires planning and testing as per any SharePoint migration or upgrade project.

After following thru some blogs online, I roughly broken down the total effort including setting up a staging environment to prove the migration will be as below.


Below are links that helped me came to this decision