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Intel i7 Launched


Latest processor revamp since Pentium Pro, Intel Core i7 (codename Nehalem) is the successor to Core 2 architecture. All the newly available chips have 4 cores inside.

image The Intel inside logo for Core i7 comes in blue and gray so I am not sure the purpose of 2 colors here, maybe one for the Extreme gamer chips.

There are tonnes of reviews and performance tests already showcased on websites all over. And some vendors already shipping products based on Core i7. I am not going to waste my blog space so I am providing the links here.


Tom’s Hardware,6092.html


Intel’s blog



Maximum PC

Computer Shopper

Custom PC—all-you-need-to-know.html






Now, how I wish the market never crash and everyone got spare cash for this upgrade :)

Return of HP Jornada!!

When I first saw the photo of HP latest UMPC, I thought it is a Jornada, a WindowsCE powered handheld device before being replaced by iPaq. Could be motivated by Asus’ success with Eee PC, HP own UMPC specification is still unknown but there is some photos here.

Now guess which one is the granddaddy of UMPC?


Let HP bring out the inner musical talent in your office

Happy is a finely tuned business … :)

YouTube – HP Office Orchestra

Mac Book Air in manila folder? Levono got it too with X300

Walt Mossberg just reviewed the new Lenovo X300 which is almost is light as Apple’s MacBook Air. Quoted from his blog, “unlike the Apple, Lenovo’s new skinny ThinkPad comes with a hefty complement of ports and features, some of the very things critics complained Apple left out. It has a built-in DVD drive, removable battery, three USB ports, and a wired Ethernet networking jack. Inside, in addition to Wi-Fi, it can be ordered with a built-in cellphone modem and even GPS.”

On the mean time, my friend Walter just got his Dell XPS M1530 with a Windows Experience Index of 4.8!! Lucky guy…