File not found error when navigate to allitems.aspx

I got into this problem recently, initial thought is that its caused by some missing assemblies. But after removing all solutions from the server, the problem still persist. Yes, from SharePoint Designer I can see the allitems.aspx. My gut feel is that it has something to do with the permission issue on the managed account assigned to the web application. So what I did was to create a new managed account for this web application and things back to normal. So I hope it helps as this seems to be a common problem but exists in different forms.

Packt Publishing celebrates 10 years with $10 per book offer

Just found out today Packt Publishing is celebrating its 10 years anniversary and offering a special price of $10 per book for their customers for duration of 10 days! For SharePoint folks, Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Disaster Recovery Guide got a 5-star ranking on Amazon (But head back to Packt to enjoy the discount). Now this book is only $10 so hit the link below to find out more~!

Updated: Facing problem when upgrading SharePoint Online sites

When I upgraded a site collection to version 2013 recently, I notice all the pages with custom page layout cannot be edited anymore. We did a test run on our local SharePoint site with the same content but didn’t run into this problem.

One thing pretty funny is, all SharePointers will know that SharePoint 2013 assemblies are version 15. But I noticed the version of custom page layouts on my SharePoint Online site are now version I checked the version of my SharePoint Online site by navigating to and it shows also version


We have not find the solution to this, so wait for further posts on how to fix this.


Update: 1 day later, the site where the pages cannot be updated works perfectly without me doing anything. Could it because SharePoint Online migration actually will take a longer time beyond the ‘OK’ status.