User Profile Synchronization Service cannot be started

Just setup a new VM and I was having problem starting User Profile Synchronization Service for the passed few days despite following all the steps outline in TechNet. Finally I figured out the only thing different on my new VM is that the Windows User Account Control feature is enabled.

Everything works flawlessly now after I disable UAC and restart the server! Smile

Presentation – Light Up SharePoint 2010 with Visual Studio 2010

Thanks for turning up at Microsoft Malaysia office and also online to check out my presentation yesterday. As promised let me upload my slide deck here first. Click on the folder icon below to my Sky Drive to download both PowerPoint deck.

I will upload the source code for my session – Professional Development with SharePoint 2010 later.

Removing password of PDF files inside SharePoint

An Adobe PDF can be protected from Printing and Copy-Paste by setting a password. For example shown below you can’t print (Print button greyed out) and copy (Copy option not seen in context menu). All these are restriction you can apply to your PDF using a password.


But if you have protected files inside SharePoint and you want to unprotected them, you have to first download them locally then remove the password using Acrobat Reader. After that you have to upload them again to the document library.

For that I have created a Custom Action that helps to automate this without downloading.


The Custom Action redirects you to a custom Application Page and asks for the password to the file.


Since most files in my SharePoint environment are version controller, my code does the check-in with comment as well.


I am making this little application available for download here. I will publish the source code later.

My First SharePoint talk in 2011

Today I am going to check out the first meeting of Perjasa .NET Special Interest Group. Perjasa is a body comprises of system analyst and developers from Malaysia public sector. I have volunteered to speak on reusing your ASP.NET knowledge on customizing SharePoint. As usual I take 5 min for slides only so below is a 3 slider. I will publish more info on my demo on later date.

Anyhow you can grab my slides from Windows Live Sky Drive.